Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The 10 most disappointing tourist sights.. enumerated by the fine people at Virgin Travel Insurance - who one might think would be in favour of people going on holiday, rather than pointing out what a colossal let-down it tends to be,

Anyway, by way of the Daily Telegraph, here they are:

  • 1: The Eiffel Tower
  • 2: The Louvre
  • 3: Times Square
  • 4: Las Ramblas, Barcelona
  • 5: Statue of Liberty
  • 6: Spanish Steps, Rome
  • 7: The White House
  • 8: The Pyramids
  • 9: The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
  • 10: The Leaning Tower of Pisa

And, demonstrating that you don't have to go as far as all that to be disappointed, here are the 10 crummiest attractions in the UK:

  • 1: Stonehenge
  • 2: The Angel of the North
  • 3: Blackpool Tower
  • 4: Lands' End
  • 5: The Princess Diana Memorial Fountain
  • 6: The London Eye
  • 7: Brighton Pier
  • 8: Buckingham Palace
  • 9: The White Cliffs of Dover
  • 10: Big Ben.

Isn't it nice to be special?

According to this more or less completely made up survey the British are the worst holidaymakers on Earth.

If we're that bad at it, perhaps we should just stop.

If you're the kind of person that likes specious surveys this one's still going! And it's got a map & everything!