Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Multimedia thrills as Sod Abroad visits Essex

I think this link will work - A 10 minute interview with Dave Monk of Radio Essex. Surrounded, of course, by all your usual Essex-based chat and music. He played 'Rock with you' in the middle of the interview. Great choice, but not as great as this.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Synchronicity: How 2 quite different people can write the same staycation piffle on the same day

Lionel Shriver, the 'Boy named Sue' of Britain's literary elite, did a bit for The Sunday Times this weekend about how ghastly she thinks holidays are. Not a mile off my own bit for the Indy that I posted about on Sunday.

Indeed, they went with a markedly similar pic too.

One might be tempted to infer from this a woeful dearth of imagination among the editorial staff of our great nation's broadsheet news papers. I would disagree. I just think that flicking the V's at travel agents is an idea whose time has come.