Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lesson one: To an airline, you’re not even cargo

As this instructive news story demonstrates, no matter how much you care about the airline you’re using it doesn’t care about you. You’re just a parcel they have to deliver. A parcel that demands gin, and nuts, and superheated chicken in a tinfoil box.

Those insanely fruity stewardesses welcoming people onto the planes in the adverts? The ones who like red hot geishas that might want you sexually if the only got to know you? You’re more likely to encounter a Busby Berkley routine going on in your local Halifax.

Hello? Is this thing on?

Well, that rather depends on whether anyone else is as slipshod at clearing out their RSS feeds as I am.

I ran a whole bunch of posts about the evils of travel a while back, and then when I found out (to my immense satisfaction) that they were to be collected in an old-fashioned book I took them down.

Then I did some stuff about one of my other obsessions that, candidly, not many people seemed to like.

I've deleted those now, and I'm returning - after an extremely long break in which I finished the Holidays Book and co-wrote another one - to my original brief. For those few lovely individuals that are interested there will be some 'DVD extras' for the book: Some news items that informed my research, a few mildly amusing pictures and a couple of bits of book that were considered a trifle too rude for the impulse-buy low quality humour book market.

Enjoy! If you possibly can!