Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Top 6 things banned by Airport Security

As enumerated by the always rather interesting Unsought Input

Explanation and illumination over at the UI site, but that handy bullet-point chart in full is:

1: 3.2oz of toothpaste

2: A MacBook Air

3: Some breast milk

4: Any book with either some dynamite on the cover, or Harry Potter, or both

5: One of those admittedly rather annoying flashing LED badges

6: Our old favourite, the Transformers T-shirt

I'm sure there are other exciting and unexpected things that airport security will take arbitrary exception to. Why not fly somewhere and find out what they are?

Multimedia Wednesday!

First in a series of at least one, your chance to hear my interview with a nice chap at BBC Radio Lincolnshire as I try to persuade him not to fly to Boston.


This is your captain speaking: We're just going to circle a while until they clear all the jackals, raptors, and giant lizards off the runway...


NEW DELHI - Jackals, monitor lizards and raptors descended on a runway at New Delhi's main airport after heavy rains Monday, delaying flights, an airport official said.

The animals were looking to dry off and warm up after the first monsoon rains hit India's capital, and their appearance on the runway forced authorities to stop planes from taking off and landing for about an hour, Indira Gandhi International Airport spokesman Arun Arora said in a statement.

Animal welfare authorities cleared the runway of wildlife, including monitor lizards that measured as long as 2-3 feet, Arora said.

Arora didn't say how many flights were delayed. The Hindustan Times newspaper said about 100 flights were affected.

In the monsoon season, which runs from June to September, heavy rains routinely delay flights all over India.

I don't need to add anything here, do I?