Sunday, June 22, 2008

So, if you HAVE read the book..

You might have skimmed the biographical note at the beginning and thought 'yes, you say you made some tolerable but not remotely successful records but what were they like?'

Well, they were like this. Here is my band 5TA on Channel 4's pioneering 'The Tube' show in 1986 or so.

I'm the skinny lad with the hair on the right hand side. Or I was. Skinniness and hair are both but fond memories now.

The other members of that tolerable, but not remotely successful lineup are, reading from left to right; The very lovely and very Swiss Colette Meury at the electronic keyboard, the splendid but sadly no longer with us Melanie Lewis supplying the left-hand backing vocal while the established in her own right Julia Fordham pins down the vital right hand backing singer rĂ´le.

The lead singer was the mighty, the inimitable Lance Jowers. My fondest memories of those days are the bits when he wigged out and started singing something that I could never have written or even thought of. There's some of that here. Nick Rhodes sat at the drum throne and occasionally managed to persuade me not to be a complete tit. Not often though. Mark Pinto played the bass guitar for us, more admirably than we deserved.

We recorded a whole album with Cure producer David Allen. It's here, if you're interested. Remember though, don't judge us too harshly, It was the Eighties. Everyone thought that kind of thing was OK.

Anyway, there it is. Or was. Enjoy. If you can.