Monday, December 15, 2008

These people just keep proving my point

Remember what I was saying the other day? It just got righter:

City 'experts' ? - Absolutely no clue what they're doing

Military strategists - No idea how to do their jobs

The security services safeguarding our country?  - Jerks

Local government officers, of more or less any stripe? - Jackasses

The geniuses who made it through the 'very competitive 'selection procedure for the BBC? - Idiots

The people who are charged with educating our children? - Clowns

And this is just one day's news from one newspaper. Trust me, if anyone tells you they know what they're doing, don't believe them. There's no evidence that anyone on Earth - including me - is doing anything better than bluffing it and hoping they don't get rumbled.

Top 10 locations ruined by tourism

It's a great list that underlines just how many gap-year nitwits are destroying the environments that they profess to admire. And that's not me talking, that's National Geographic Magazine.