Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hello? Is this thing on?

Well, that rather depends on whether anyone else is as slipshod at clearing out their RSS feeds as I am.

I ran a whole bunch of posts about the evils of travel a while back, and then when I found out (to my immense satisfaction) that they were to be collected in an old-fashioned book I took them down.

Then I did some stuff about one of my other obsessions that, candidly, not many people seemed to like.

I've deleted those now, and I'm returning - after an extremely long break in which I finished the Holidays Book and co-wrote another one - to my original brief. For those few lovely individuals that are interested there will be some 'DVD extras' for the book: Some news items that informed my research, a few mildly amusing pictures and a couple of bits of book that were considered a trifle too rude for the impulse-buy low quality humour book market.

Enjoy! If you possibly can!

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