Monday, May 26, 2008

The first GOOD travel news I've ever reported: Free Drugs! Yipee!

Bless those hapless Japanese customs officials and their Keystone Komedy Kapers.

Somewhere there's a lucky passenger with 10,000 Australian Dollars' worth of free weed.

AN unsuspecting passenger who flew to Tokyo has a large package of cannabis in their luggage - courtesy of a bungled Customs training exercise.

An officer at Narita International Airport yesterday stuffed 142 grams of the drug into the side pocket of a randomly-selected black suitcase coming off an overseas flight so that the animal could detect it.

"The dog couldn't find it and the officer also forgot which bag he put it in," a Customs office spokeswoman said.

"If by some chance passengers find it in their suitcase, we're asking them to return it."

Assuming they make it though customs at the other end. I'm looking forward though to this little mishap forming the basis of a defence strategy for some particularly chilled-out airline passenger. Are you listening, Paul?

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