Thursday, June 19, 2008

The 20 most annoying airports in the USA

Forbes has a list of the Top 100 airports in the US for delays. I know you're a modern person, though, with no time to waste on reading long lists or taking your ADHD medication. Here's the 20:

1: Chicago, Ill.: O'Hare

2: Newark, N.J.: Newark Liberty International

3: New York, N.Y.: Kennedy International

4: New York, N.Y.: La Guardia

5: Dallas/Ft.Worth, Texas: Dallas/Ft. Worth International

6: San Francisco, Calif.: San Francisco International

7: Boston, Mass.: Logan International

8: Philadelphia, Penn.: Philadelphia International

9: Atlanta, Ga.: Hartsfield-Jackson

10: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn.: Minneapolis St. Paul International

11: Denver, Colo.: Denver International

12: Detroit, Mich.: Detroit Metro Wayne County

13: Seattle, Wash.: Seattle/Tacoma International

14: Charlotte, N.C.: Charlotte Douglas International

15: Los Angeles, Calif.: Los Angeles International

16: Washington, D.C.: Dulles International

17: Phoenix, Ariz.: Sky Harbor International

18: Las Vegas, Nev.: Mc Carran International

19: Miami, Fla.: Miami International

20: Washington, D.C.: Washington National

If airline delays really float your boat, WCBS-TV have (inexplicably) got a picture gallery of the worst offenders


Catshoe said...

Now if I was going to anecdotally list the worst US airports for none-US citizens to experience the tyranny and racism of US immigration, I would rate JFK as an absolute hell-hole and O'Hare as relatively benign. FWIW

Anonymous said...

I must laugh at the Brits catagorizing how bad our airports are. In reality, if you take the worst of the worst, it would be a dream next to Heathrow. I do not think that there is an adjective to describe how bad it is there. Interminable walks to nowhere, horrendous bagage handling, impossiblity of getting flight information. What more can I say.
Martin, New York, New York

Anonymous said...

Quite right - Heathrow is a national disgrace. Far worse than every US airport I can think of.

This survey is also pretty silly - what's wrong with strict security? It's not annoying at all. I'd much rather have confidence my plane didn't have a bomb on board. Did I say the "B" word?