Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And there was I thinking I was the only person that didn't like holidays

The chap (or, equally, it could be a lady) that runs Cruise Bruise hates 'em. Admittedly, he (or she) has a narrower focus, saving all his (or her) disapprobation for ocean cruises. The Cruise Bruise website (see how I avoided the gender pronoun there? Sweet eh?) features a long..surprisingly long..list of people lost on diving expeditions, getting drunk and falling off boats, passengers stranded after liners sink, and a few more people getting drunk and falling off boats.

There's also a hefty collection of pederasts working at Disneyland and assorted terrorist plot rumours. If you were an unusually parsimonious individual, perhaps hoping to persuade a feckless spouse not to squander a four-figure sum on a Caribbean boat ride, the site is your cast-iron guarantee of a nice Summer at home in the shed instead.

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