Friday, June 20, 2008

Planning on visiting London in 2012?

Read this before you book. I think everyone outside Westminister accepts that it's a massive exercise in hubris bequathed by one dimwitted publicity-addict mayor to another, but all the same some poor bugger's bound to accidentally buy some tickets.

If they do actually complete any of the facilities they're bound to collapse as soon as somone tries to do something silly like walk into them.

Still, could be worse

They always said the logo would evolve. This one's inspired by a comment thread on Fark, created by my pal D-Hutch and I did all the stealing and cajoling.


mercator_psi said...

Awesome! I'd like to think that I was the muse for this effort (from the aforementioned fark thread), but you guys took it to a new plateau. Well done indeed!

Mikey said...

If that's what you think, you think correctly.

That's the web for you - it's an enormous circle of love.

Well, love and stealing ideas.