Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Synchronicity: How 2 quite different people can write the same staycation piffle on the same day

Lionel Shriver, the 'Boy named Sue' of Britain's literary elite, did a bit for The Sunday Times this weekend about how ghastly she thinks holidays are. Not a mile off my own bit for the Indy that I posted about on Sunday.

Indeed, they went with a markedly similar pic too.

One might be tempted to infer from this a woeful dearth of imagination among the editorial staff of our great nation's broadsheet news papers. I would disagree. I just think that flicking the V's at travel agents is an idea whose time has come.


Little Peter Cashmore said...

Your sofa is nicer than hers and you don't have a silly name.

Mikey said...

Very good of you to say so. She did go with the hat though. I'm wondering if the decision to remain bareheaded will cost me when the judges tot up the marks